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YEAH: My first BOOK!

After months of hard work, blood, sweat and tears (ok, we had lots of fun, too) here comes the result >>
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A Look at the Studio

Welcome to my studio, an alchemistic laboratory ... here some pictures and a great video >>
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The Big Ones

There are small ones and big ones, small and big impressions – in the real world and my mind … >>
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Details of a Big One

Once upon a time ... every detail tells a story, a saga or a fairytale more precisly >>
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Faces, feelings, moods, expressions, portraits of black, proud, soul and jazz musicians >>
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My Current Painting

The actual painting is always the best, most interesting - see, how it is evolving >>
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Feedback from the you

What do my friends an colleagues write on my work? Some feedbacks from facebook >>
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Me, Thomas, I & Myself

My Biography, lifelines, stations ... for my friends all over the world some names, bands, towns >>
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OM India in Detail

Details and an Interviews about the background of one of my biggest paintings, OM India >>
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The ZiebARTH of Bonsai

small trees and other plants with a big impact on my spare time, have a look >>
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The Videocollection

Have a look at my studio, watch me painting and explore my very own universe >>
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My Shop

24/7 opened! Put me on the table or hang me on your wall ... shop ZiebARTh Fine Art Prints >>